About Us

From Earth was created with a focus on providing natural and organic skincare. Our products contain chemical free and cruelty free ingredients. All products are handmade in Melbourne! Our mission is to go back to basics and create products embracing the wonderful things that nature has to offer without any artificial additives and unnatural preservatives . All of our products are handmade using raw natural ingredients such as, oils, butters, wax, herbs, clays and flowers. We have created an extensive line of skincare products using ingredients that are carefully chosen to contain many vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and other properties that will help restore

and rejuvenate your skin and hair. Our Natural Remedies range is also continually growing. We have created these products to help

give relief to different skin conditions by using plants, herbs and oils that all contain some healing, soothing or even repellent (mosquito repellent) effects. Using natural remedies for your skin and in your home without the use of chemicals, these products will help you get on with your every day life .

Increased media attention has given consumers a bigger understanding of the many devastating consquences that some of the store bought skincare products contain. Deodorants that have been linked to breast cancer and lymph node cancer because of their levels of aluminum and parabens. We are also hearing more about women who have problems getting pregnant because their hormone levels have been altered by ingredients such as artificial preservatives. Unfortuantely, many products use deceptive labelling to make it difficult to understand what you are truly buying. Products often state to be chemical free and paraben free, however, if you read the small print you may find that they can contain up to 5% of these ingredients - this is the maximum limit products can contain to legally state that they are free from these ingredients. The opposite is often true for ingredients that are beneficial to us. For example, a label may state that

its product contains a wonderful ingredient such as argan oil, however, if you read the fine print you often find that there is only a very small procentage of this in the actual product. Many advertising agenices are experts in making us believe we are buying something that is good for us when it is actually not.

Should you not be able to find what you are looking for in our shop of natural skincare and remedies, we encourage you to contact us as we offer customised orders and even pampering sessions and work shops to help you create your own. At From Earth we want to live a chemical free and cruelty free life using all of the amazing natural herbs, oils, waxes, butters and flowers that nature has to offer. We want others to benefit from our success so 10% of all our profit goes impoverished children in Africa. We hope to not only make this a more natural world but also hopefully a little bit better. We encourage you to join us for a more healthy and more natural future.